Domain Alerts and Backorders

"Premium Domain Names have gone up faster than any other commodity known to man..."

Domain Alerts & Backorders

There are 100’s of products available on the market to assist you with obtaining a domain name that is currently registered with another business. These products work in a reactive way, are slow, dated and simply not built for Australian domain names.
You might be interested in:
– A domain name that is currently registered.
– Upgrading your existing address to a address
– Finding great Exact Match Domains (EMD’s) & increasing your online presence
– Any name / key word set that suits your needs and you feel you would benefit from.
How we can help & why our way is more effective.
We have systems custom designed for each of the above points. Our systems check domain availability upwards of 300 times per second, each second of each day. 
We do not wait for the domain name that you want to become available and attempt to get it for you. 
We let you know before its released onto the market!
For a once off charge of $99.95 our systems will check your preference of domain names or key words over 25 Million times per day.
Once a domain name is within 24 hours of being publicly available we will send you an email to let you know. You will also receive a courtesy call from us to let you know that it is becoming available and what steps you will need to take if you would like to secure your domain name.
This fee is payable once only, and this service is yours for as long as you would like it. You can include up to 10 domain names or keywords in your account. If you secure a domain name, or wish to change your keywords, you can do this as often as you wish. 
– Up to 10 domain names and key words will be monitored for you.
– Any potential matches to your key word set or domain name will be emailed to you.
– You will receive a call from our friendly staff to assist in acquiring the domain name
– Service has no time limits to it. 
– Guaranteed first preference for the names we offer you. 
– Flat once off cost, no ongoing costs whatsoever. 
To learn more about this product or if you would like to purchase a plan please contact our office and one of our staff can assist you and answer any questions you may have. All costs are paid with a credit card, once payment is completed you will receive a receipt and tax invoice for your business expenditure records.

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