About Us

"In a nutshell, a bunch of geeks that know the best ways to market both on and offline..."

So what exactly is the National Administration of Domain Names?

The National Administration of Domain Names is a child company of 34th Degree Pty Ltd. 34th Degree helps businesses across Australia and the world improve their Online Marketing, Online Presence & Over all business processes. 

We run as 34th Degree Pty Ltd (see www.34.net.au) and operate the National Administration of Domain names (see www.nad.net.au), 34th Degree Marketing (see www.34thdegree.com.au) and our newest branch, Real Estate Lead Generation (see www.realestateleadgeneration.com.au) 34th Degree started in 2014 and has seen exponential growth over the past few years and assisted many customers with their overall marketing needs. 

Our primary method of finding new homes for domains is via telemarketing. We operate a very modern business model in that we run from a home office in Victoria and subcontract the telemarketing work to at home agents. This allows us to find the best talent across our great nation and keep overheads down, resulting in lower priced product for our customers. We are continually growing and finding new areas to help people not only with online marketing, but direct marketing and their overall business processes.

The National Administration of Domain Names is a boutique Digital marketing agency that are specialists in premium domain name capture for your business. Our agency is formally trained and certified by Google and can assist you with Google Ads, SEO and website development also. 

And our Director

Basileus De Tenebrae, or Rex for short, is the Owner and Managing director of 34th Degree. He has almost 20 years of Sales and Customer service experience and is known as an asset to the business we work with on a daily basis. His ideology in thinking outside the box and staying a step ahead of the competition has not only helped internally with growing 34th Degree, but also to the clients he works with in order to do the same. 

Rex is a treasure trove of ideas and thoughts and we encourage you to speak with him directly to see how his vast knowledge may be able to help you with your business. You are able to book a time to speak with him directly for a low consultation fee. You may also use the live chat function of this website, email us at contact@nad.net.au or find us on the social media options below.