Email Services

"I once saw a Real Estate Agency using a email address. Needless to say, I looked elsewhere..."

But I have an email address and its free!

Are you still using your Gmail account for business emails? 
Do you have on your truck?
Does your website have a email address listed?

This is business communication faux pas number one! Don’t worry, we have your back. Professional, Reliable and user friendly email service provided using a email product suite. Why have professional email? Lets take a look – 

It is a reflection of your business

A first impression is just that, first. If someone visits your website and see a free email service listed as your contact this will immediately have a negative impact and may even jeopardise the customer’s interest in your company!

It builds trust for your customers

Many pieces of research show that an email address matching your domain name builds customer trust and shows that you are serious about business to your customers.

It is adds protection to your business and customers

Free email account services are great, but is your data secure? The answer is typically no. Public email providers are susceptible to hacking and misuse. Depending on the nature of your business, you may be required by law to use professional email services. For example, if you handle personal customer or financial information via free email, you are in breach of this law. All data must be stored and hosted within Australia. 

It will keep you out of spam filters

Whether you use email for marketing or not, no one wants to end up in the dreaded spam folder! As spammers typically use these types of services most emails are flagged quickly as spam, even ones that are not. Important business correspondence to your customers needs to be seen and it looks very unprofessional if you need to point them to the junk box to find your email. 

It is a security measure for you

At anytime free email services can be closed and your data lost forever. With professional email services, your data is stored until you remove it and not before. 

Key Features

Unlimited email addresses

Ample storage space

IMAP & POP Support

Secure email compatible

TLS Security Protocols

All for $149.95 (Ex.GST) per year. No catches.

Your domain must be managed with N.A.D for seamless integration. You can host your domain elsewhere but will be required to active the TXT records on your DNS Zone Records. We do not provide support for this as these features/functions differ from one provider to the next.


Complete the below form and we can get you up and running. If your domain is not hosted with N.A.D, we will email you with the records you will need to have updated with your domain name provider. If you have any questions please phone our office and one of our staff can walk you through the setup process. Note, we do not provide support for other companies DNS Zone Records updates. Your domain managing company can do this for you.