Online Presence

"Most businesses don't realise how many places they actually appear online..."

Your online presence is the face of your business

Online Presence encompasses every aspect of your business online from your website to your listings in locale directories. 
Like it or lump it, your business has exposure in many areas on the internet, some of which you may not even be aware of. We create an in depth report on your companies online presence and present you with option on how to improve this. 

Social Media, Directories and other review or rating services can play a big part of how much business you do or do not get in the door. It is crucial to be on top of all of these areas and having exceptional customer experiences. The internet, how people find you and what makes them opt to use your services has changed dramatically over the past few years. Negative review of your services, outdated content and non engagement can very much hurt your business and you may not even be aware that it exists!  

This report is broken up in 2 main sections: Social Networks/Directories & Website
SOCIAL NETWORKS & DIRECTORIES: We assess your current online presence in any and every area your business appears online. We provide you a detailed ranking on your networks and directories and provide you some tips and tricks on how to improve in the relevant areas.
WEBSITE: Grading and thorough break down of what is working and what can use improvement on your current website. 
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Our cost for a report is $99.95 (all inclusive). If you decide to purchase any products from us relating to your online presence $99.95 will be taken from your invoice. We will provide a full break down of any costs that we offer you within the report.
If you decide not to use our services any further as you can see above the report will give you many tips and tricks as to how to improve you online presence and each report is created specifically for your business. There is no templates. Each business, website and social networking account is unique and we treat them as such.