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Telephone Sales Agent (Work From Home Opportunity)

Due to the challenging times we are facing with COVID-19 across Australia, our clients are now seeking more than ever to increase their digital marketing needs. With recent changes implemented across the country, people are moving to an online marketplace, rather than bricks and mortar and our business is there to help. 

We are the National Administration of Domain Names (N.A.D) and we are on the hunt for 5 people to add to our team of work from home sales agents, anywhere in the Country. We are looking for people who are looking for a stable ongoing work opportunity with the flexibility that working from home brings.

This is a commission only sales role.

We specialise in premium domain names and we are looking for people who are hungry to earn a decent income, sales people who are consistently motivated to earn a minimum of $1500 a week. However, the sky is the limit, the more time and effort you put in the more you can earn. It is a numbers game, the more calls you make the more sales and money you earn. 

You must be available to work from 9am to 1pm AEST Monday to Friday, no exceptions and you must be comfortable making a high volume of calls.
So, what’s involved you ask! Each afternoon we provide a list of domains to our team of sales agents who work from home around the country. That list of domains become available the following afternoon via an auction process. Within that list you pick out keyword rich domains, so for example, a domain might be “”. This domain becomes valuable to an electrician servicing the Gold Coast region because when their customers go to google they type in the keywords “ Gold Coast Electrician” not their business name which might be ABC Electricians. What we offer is capturing the domain for the customer at auction, we link it back to their website and we do SEO in the background. The ultimate benefit to the customer is a 50% increase in their website traffic and a 40-60% increase in their google rankings. You find electricians on the gold coast by searching on Google, you call those companies and pitch our offering. 

We find our offering does actually sell itself, all you need to bring is an ability to articulate and understand what you are selling and go through a bit of a learning curve when you first start. And of course, be comfortable picking up the phone to make cold calls.
The Job: each day the government releases 1000-1500 domain names that become available the following afternoon via an auction process. Our home based sales agents go through the list and cherry pick the cream of the crop domains and make calls to businesses to find a new home for the domain. The sales agent gets a commitment from the customer and at 1pm every day our Head Office captures the domain for the customer in the auction.

Commissions are extremely generous. You will get 30% of the sales price. No hidden fees. Simple and easy to attain. Our typical sales range from $349 and up. The highest price we have sold for is $3300. You get 30% of whatever the figure is you sell it for. Paid weekly, no funds held. Sales we have had this year thus far have been prices such as $399, $499, $699, $899, $999, $1499 and $1999.
You will need to be equipped with phone/internet/computer and an appropriate area to work in. You will also need to be savvy using a computer and the internet, this is mandatory. You will have an ABN or willing to obtain one. This is a fast paced environment with a lot of phone calls being made and our sales agent typically make 2-5 sales per day. 

We are looking for people that are money hungry and aren’t afraid of making a large volume of calls. There is a lot of money to be made in the industry. The time and effort you put in is rewarded! 

Sales experience is highly preferred, but not necessary. All the training is provided and these products do sell themselves. We encourage you to view our website: and be familiar with what it is we do here at N.A.D. We are looking for people to start ASAP. All training is online via our online learning course and completed in around 2 hours. Once you have complete the course and passed with satisfactory results, completed all subcontractor forms, you’re ready to go, simple! 

If this sounds like you, hit apply now. We would like to think you have read this job ad in full and visited our website before applying.
Please be advised that we call applicants after hours, including Saturdays as we are extremely busy during the business hours selling our services.

Due to COVID-19 customer enquiries, we aim to keep our inbound line as free as possible. Please do not call our office or use our live chat feature to apply or follow up on your application. Due to the overwhelming amount of applications we are receiving, only suitable applicants will be contacted.
****previous applicants need not apply****

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